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I always get the hot stone massage when I want to escape my hectic work life.


My go-to location when I want a massage & some pampering!


Stacey was so sweet and informative. I’m so excited to see the results. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Stacey!


Card On File, Cancellation & No-Show Policy

By booking an appointment all clients, including Monthly Club Members, agree to the following:


24-hour Notice Required or:

*A $50 Late Cancellation Fee will be charged for each 60-Minute Appointment & a $75 Late Cancellation Fee will be charged for each 90-Minute Appointment. In order to make another appointment, this fee will need to be paid in full.

No-show Appointments:

*Client will be charged in FULL-No Exceptions Allowed. Full Payment will be required & all future appointments will require pre-payment. Gift Certificates, Pre-Paid Package Appointments or Monthly Club Member Massage Appointments will be immediately FORFEITED.

Shortening of an Appointment Time:

If a client chooses to have a shorter appointment at the last minute, they will still be charged for the full appointment price since that time was reserved for them.

Late & No-Show Fees Explanation:

These policies are in place to protect my small business, not because I am punishing my clients, or I am not understanding that sickness & situations happen in life. Simply put, if this policy was not in place, I would have to raise my prices to offset it. For Example, 2 Late Cancellations per week would equate to 8-10 per month or a loss of income of $800-$1000 that month. How “nice & understanding” would you be if your paycheck was shorted by a $1000? Thank you for understanding & respecting our policy as a small business.

Our goal is to provide quality individualized service in a timely manner. No-shows, late arrivals and last-minute cancellations are an inconvenience for a small business. Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice are difficult to fill and our 24-hour notice cancellation policy is in place out of respect for all clients. This policy will enable us to open otherwise unused appointments to better serve the needs of all clients.
Policies regarding Late Cancellations, Late Arrivals & Missed Appointments
Late Cancellations: A cancellation is considered to be late when the appointment is cancelled without a 24-hour advance notice. Any appointment cancelled with less than 24-hour will automatically be charged as stated above. There is no exception to this rule since we are a small business. The client is responsible for rescheduling the cancelled appointment utilizing the online booking tool.
Cancellation of Appointments: In order to be respectful to other clients, please be courteous and cancel thru our online booking system or call or text us promptly if you are unable to show up for an appointment. This time will be reallocated to someone who may have waited weeks for an appointment. If it is necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, we require at least 24-hour notice. Appointments are in high demand, and your early cancellation will allow the time slot to be filled. Please note multiple cancellations may require pre-payment of your treatment in order to be allowed on the schedule again.
How to Cancel your Appointment: Please cancel your appointment by using the online booking site or directly from your text or email reminders which are sent to you 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. Please note that the online booking site will NOT allow you to cancel an appointment with less than 24-hour notice & you will need to call or text 404-423-1146 and you will be charged a cancellation fee. You will not be allowed to book another appointment until the $50 late cancellation fee is paid in full.  This applies to all clients including Massage Club Members, Pre-paid Packages and Gift Certificates. 
No Show Policy: A No Show is when a client does not show up for a booked appointment. When a No Show occurs the client will be charged in full. If the appointment was part of a Pre-Paid Package, Gift Certificate or part of the Monthly Massage Club, that session will be forfeited. There is no exception to this rule since we are a small business & this costs us time and money. No Show clients will no longer be allowed to book appointments without full payment up front.
Late Arrivals: If you arrive late to an appointment, it will shorten your session. If you are over 20 minutes late and we have not heard from you, we will consider you a “No-Show” and that session will be forfeited. We understand sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, depending on circumstances, we may be forced to shorten your session. For example, if your scheduled session was an hour and you arrive 10 minutes late, you will be charged for the full session and you will only receive 50 minutes for your session, including measuring and changing time.
By booking an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of the Cancellation Policy as described above. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.