Detox Manual Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Vodder Technique Is Ideal For: 

Post-Surgery Swelling

Full-Body Detox/Immunity/Weight Loss


Sinus/Allergy Relief

Pregnancy/Water Retention


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Rheumatoid Arthritis

30 Minute Head & Neck Treatment: $65

60 Minute Treatment: $120

Package of 4: $399


Post-Surgery Manual Lymphatic Massage


 Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Vodder Technique

We offer Post-Surgery Manual Lymphatic Massage for the prevention of fibrosis, swelling & overall discomfort.  We customize each session & utilize the following treatments:

*Manual Lymphatic Massage

*Hot Stone Therapy

*Cupping & Vaccuum Cup Therapy

*Lipo Cavitation

*Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

*Microcurrent MPS Scar Tissue Therapy

*Infrared Sauna Blanket 

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Microcurrent MPS C-Section Scar Therapy & Scar Therapy Release

What is Microcurrent MPS Scar Therapy?

Scars are universal & are the result from past surgery, burns & broken bones or sprains. Not only do scars tighten the surrounding skin, they also have the ability to spread internally in any direction.  Scars can attach to fascia, muscles, bones, nerves & underlying organs.  When this happens it causes a straitjacket effect that will bind the area, decreasing range of motion & causing referred pain patterns. With a few pain-free MPS treatments, scar tissue can be diminished & your body can be restored back to a healthy state. 

60 Minute Treatment $120

Package of 4 Treatments $399

C-Section MPS Scar Release Therapy 

*1.3 million C-Sections are performed each year

*The actual C-Section scar site produces only 10% pain while 80-90% of the chronic pain that is experienced is much farther away in another area of the body

*40% of C-Section scars produce Back Pain

*20% of C-Section scars produce Shoulder & Neck Pain


How Scar Release Therapy Works

*The treatment is completely painless

*The 2 microcurrent applicators deliver a safe, low-level pulse to each side of the scar

*During the treatment, your skins inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis & healing functions will re-awaken & break down the scar adhesions

*Dead cells & scar tissue are broken down by the body, circulation is increased & the lymphatic system is restored.

What To Expect With Your Scar Release Therapy

*Treatments include microcurrent application, manual massage release work & joint mobilization

*Drastic improvement in the color, appearance & tissue mobility in 1-4 sessions

*Works on old & new scars

*Releasing scars can produce powerful results with increased mobility & decreased pain & stress throughout your body.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Stress Reduction

One Treatment Is The Equivalent of 8 Massages!

The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve in the body that travels down throughout the front of the body innervating vital organs for health. It decreases the stress hormone cortisol & it initiates 80% of your body’s relaxation mode. People who have a stronger Vagal Tone can rest, recover & sleep much easier.

30 Minute Session $45

This treatment can be incorporated into any 90 Minute Massage for $20

Health Benefits of Enhanced Vagal Tone

*Decreases Inflammation: The vagus nerve sends an anti-inflammatory signal to other parts of the body

*Activating Vagal Tone reduces Muscle Tension & Trigger Point Tenderness

*Improved Circulation & Lymph Flow

*Reduced Stress & Pain.  The Vagus Nerve sends information from the gut to the brain, which is linked with dealing with stress, anxiety & fear.